Since 2001, Guetterman Brothers Family Farms joined with Foods Resource Bank (FRB) in helping feed the hungry of the world. October2011 115FRB raises money to help people in developing countries grow their own food. There are currently more than 200 growing projects in the US that raised $3.3 million in 2014. Many of the world’s poor are farmers and/or have no access to land. Having enough to eat for the whole year is dependent on growing enough to last all year. FRB helps provide training and basic inputs like seeds and small tools, so that these farmers can increase their harvest and therefore their food security. FRB currently has a presence in more than 30 developing countries around the world. Guetterman’s have teamed up with many of our suppliers including Syngenta, as well as some of our landlords, in order to make our Bucyrus Growing Project a success. If you’d like to learn more about this organization, please visit their website at